Welcome to our site! Computing in Cardiology (formerly Computers in Cardiology) is an international scientific conference that has been held annually since 1974. CinC provides a forum for scientists and professionals from the fields of medicine, physics, engineering and computer science to discuss their current research in topics pertaining to computing in clinical cardiology and cardiovascular physiology.

Delegates enjoy the beautiful sunset from the Odyssey cruise ship during the CinC 2014 social program.

The next meeting of CinC will take place 6-9 September 2015 in Nice, France. Most recently, CinC 2014 convened in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

CinC delegates take part in the 2014 Sunday Symposium hosted at MIT Media Lab.

Physionet Challenge Organisers/Participants at CinC 2014.

Attendees present and learn about leading-edge work at the interface of clinical practice, engineering, and basic research during three days of plenary, parallel, and poster sessions. The 200 to 250 papers presented every year at CinC meetings are published in Computing in Cardiology, available freely here.

Local musicians entertain delegates as part of the Cinc 2013 social program.