Methodology to Display Dynamic Structure and Evaluation 4D Pumping Function of Heart with CT Cardiac Images

Weichih Hu1 and Hsuan-Ming Tsao2
1Chung Yuan Christian University, 2National Yang Ming University Hospital


The 4D display of beating heart can reveal the dynamic physiological function of heart. And, the internal and external structure of beating heart can be used in clinical examination and navigation. The overall hemodynamics and physiological function could be evaluation from the reconstructed 4D beating heart images. We have developed an image processing software tool to display and navigate the reconstructed cardiac structure, and, to evaluated the chambers and arterial function and properties. The study was approved by the Institutional Review Board of Taipei Veterans General Hospital. In this research, thirteen subjects were involved with atrial fibrillation and left ventricular motion abnormalities. Each subject has been acquired 10 sets of ECG timing gated 3D volume of cardiac image frames for a complete heartbeat cycle. 3D image volume reconstruction was to reconstruct the stereoscopic model of the thoracic area. To display the blood flow in each structure in this software development, the bones, spine and rib, were first removed from the cardiac image. To display the external and internal structure of heart, the enhanced blood images were remove, set to zero, from the image. This software tool has clear advantage to show that, for example, to display of blood flow in pulmonary artery, one can clearly saw the expansion and relaxation of artery as right ventricle pump the blood out. One can calculate the volume change at that segment of artery. The software tool also provides a function to navigate the chamber. For example, one can assume at the left atrium and navigate to see the location and relationship of each pulmonary veins and left atrial appendage. This software tool can be used in teaching as well as in clinics.