Computers in Cardiology 2007


On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am pleased to present to you our annual scientific proceedings of Computers in Cardiology. This marks the 34th anniversary of the original meeting that started in response to a question "Is there a forum where physicians, engineers, and computer scientists can discuss scientific problems in the area of computers in cardiology?"

We were delighted to have met at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, for the second time. Over the years, this prestigious university has made great contributions to the advancement of cardiology. We were pleased that participants from across the country and around the world were able to experience the wonderful culture of this unique region of the United States.

The Computers in Cardiology conference has witnessed many of the advances in cardiovascular research and clinical cardiology, and their impact on patient care. The scientific conference created new opportunities for discussing progress in technology and research. We thank participants and look forward to welcoming new suggestions for further progress.

Harold Ostrow
President, Computers in Cardiology