Information for Authors

Computing in Cardiology publishes short papers (4 pages maximum) that have been presented and discussed by their authors at the annual CinC meeting each year. CinC requires all authors to disclose any real or apparent conflicts of interest that may have a direct bearing on the subject matter of their papers.

If you would like to present your work at the next CinC conference and publish it in Computing in Cardiology, you should consider the steps below:

1. Submit a conference program abstract by April 15th

All conference program abstracts must be submitted on-line. Click here !

Click here for instructions for preparing and submitting abstracts.

2. (Optional) Submit your full paper by April 15th

This is one of several requirements for the Rosanna Degani Young Investigator Award competition,

the Clinical needs translational award (CTA), and reduced-fee registration.

Click here for additional information about submitting a YIA, CTA, or other early paper.

3. Get a visa if you will need one to attend CinC

If you need a Visa to attend CinC 2021 don’t wait to hear if your abstract has been accepted — by then, it may be too late! 

Please visit this page

4. Confirm that you will present your paper

Decision letters are sent to the main contact email address listed for each submitted abstract. If you submitted more than one abstract, you will receive a separate decision letter for each of them. If you have not received a decision letter by 23 June for each abstract that you submitted, please check your spam folder for email from <>.

If your abstract is accepted, your decision letter will contain instructions for confirming that you will attend CinC and will present your paper.

Occasionally authors are unable to present their papers. If neither you nor a coauthor can present an accepted paper, inform us as soon as possible so that the preliminary program can be corrected before it goes to press. Failure to present an accepted paper without notice will jeopardise your chances of getting your abstracts accepted in the future.

Papers that are not presented by their authors at a CinC meeting are not published. It is essential that CinC attendees have an opportunity to discuss your work with you. If you know that it will be impossible for you or a coauthor to present your work at CinC, please find another suitable meeting or journal for publishing it.

For practical reasons an individual is limited to presenting not more than four papers at a CinC conference.  This restriction relates only to the number of articles an individual can physically present as an oral or poster presentation at the conference.  This does not limit the number of articles where an individual can be listed as co-author.  

5. Register to attend CinC

Each person who will attend CinC must register as a participant one time, even if you will present more than one submission. The cost of attending the conference is the same regardless of whether you are presenting or not.  The prices for the 2021 Hybrid version conference are :


  • Registration for IN PERSON attendance before 15 August, 2021: US$650 
  • Registration for IN PERSON attendance from 15 August, 2021: US$750
  • Registration for ONE DAY IN PERSON attendance of scientific sessions: US$200
  • Guest IN PERSON registration: US$160 (allows guest to attend the Monday Social Event and Gala Dinner, not the conference itself)
  • Registration for STUDENTS who applied for the RFR in April if they register before 15 August, 2021: US$325
    (Note: 50%discount applied using the RFR code & send a letter from your supervisor or department certifying the student status to
  • Registration for STUDENTS who applied for the RFR in April if they register from 15 August, 2021: US$375 
    (Note: 50%discount applied using the RFR code & send a letter from your supervisor or department certifying the student status to


  • Registration for REMOTE attendance: US$300
  • Registration for REMOTE attendance by STUDENTS, including reduced fee registration (RFR) applicants and YIC submitters (not finalists) if they qualify as students: US$150
    (Note: students do not need an RFR code to register at this reduced rate & send a letter from your supervisor or department certifying the student status to

To register click here.

The CinC 2021 local site provides additional prices and explanations. Please click here

In addition to registering to the conference you will also need to arrange accommodation.  You will find a wealth of general information on the CinC 2021 local site.  Please click here.

6. Prepare and submit a full paper

Authors of accepted abstracts are invited to submit full papers (up to 4 pages) prior to the conference; these will be available as a preprint for the conference.  The deadline for this submission is September 1, 2021.  After the conference, there will be a period until October 3, 2021, during which authors can make minor revisions to their manuscript based on any feedback received during the conference.  The authors must then upload a final version for the published proceedings by October 3, 2021.  All papers must follow the predefined formats and templates included in the instructions for preparing and submitting full papers. For the final submissions only, authors must submit in pdf + source (LaTeX or Word) formats via the CinC abstract and paper collection site.  Authors may receive requests from the CinC proceedings editor to prepare the publication version of the manuscript.  

If you previously submitted a paper for pre-acceptance review (either for the YIA competition, CTA, or to become eligible for reduced-fee registration), it is STlLL NECESSARY to resubmit it after acceptance, even if you do not revise it. 

7. Present your work at CinC

Your abstract acceptance letter indicates the type of session to which your presentation has been assigned. At plenary and parallel sessions, you are allowed 10 minutes for an oral presentation, followed by 5 minutes for the audience to ask questions and for you to answer them. If your presentation is assigned to a poster session, your abstract acceptance letter will indicate the maximum dimensions for a poster (these vary slightly from year to year but are usually about 1 meter square) and the time when you should be available for discussion of your work.

Click here for notes on preparing oral and poster presentations.

Presenting your work is a requirement for publishing it in Computing in Cardiology. It is vital for CinC participants to have the opportunity to discuss your work with you or a coauthor. If you know that it will be impossible for you or a coauthor to present your work at CinC, please find another suitable meeting or journal for publishing it.

8. Revise and upload your final submission

Based on comments you receive from your presentation, there will be time after the conference to make any final revisions to the document and upload it again to the CinC abstract and paper collection site.  The deadline for this final submission is typically two weeks after the conference.

9. Be prepared to make corrections if requested

If you have prepared your paper following the formatting instructions scrupulously, the Editor may not request revisions. About half of submitted papers do require (usually minor) revisions, however. If yours is among them, then within four to six weeks following the conference you will receive a request from the Editor to make corrections to your paper. Please do so carefully and resubmit your paper promptly.

Computing in Cardiology is usually published in November or December, and papers are made available in the on-line archives at that time. Until then, your paper will be available in the preprint collection if you have posted it there.