Computers in Cardiology Program

Sunday Symposium

Monday, September 14, 2009
 09:00    M1: Rosanna Degani Young Investigator Award
 11:00    S2: Parallel Sessions
   S21: Ultrasound
   S22: Heart Rate Variability I
   S23: Cellular Models
   S24: Monitoring
12:30-22:30    Social Event

Tuesday, September 15, 2009
 08:00    S3: Parallel Sessions
   S31: Ischemia
   S32: AF Detection and Analysis
   S33: Heart Rate Variability II
   S34: ECG Imaging
 09:45    S4: Parallel Sessions
   S41: Monitoring
   S42: Whole Heart Models
   S43: Arrhythmia Mapping and Informatics
   S44: Phonocardiography
 11:15    M5: Nanotechnology
 14:00    S6: Parallel Sessions
   S61: Database I
   S62: Cardiac MRI
   S63: ECG Lead Systems
   S64: Brugada Syndrome/Repolarization
 16:00    S7: Parallel Sessions
   S71: Ventricular Arrhythmias
   S72: Databases II
   S73: Physiological Oscillations I
   S74: Mechanical Modeling
 17:30    P8: Poster Session
   P81: Heart Rate Variability
   P82: Autonomic Reflex
   P83: Cellular Modeling
   P84: Cardiac Modeling
   P85: Monitoring
   P86: QRS Morphology I
   P87: Cardiac Mapping
   P88: Databases

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
 08:00    S9: Parallel Sessions
   S91: PhysioNet/CinC Challenge I
   S92: ECG and Ambulatory Monitoring
   S93: QT Intervals
   S94: Cardiovascular Imaging
 10:00    SA: Parallel Sessions
   SA1: PhysioNet/CinC Challenge II
   SA2: Coronary Artery Imaging
   SA3: Ischemia and Bidomain Modeling
   SA4: Physiological Oscillations II
 11:30    PB: Poster Session
   PB1: Ischemia
   PB2: Repolarization
   PB3: ECG
   PB4: ECG Leads
   PB5: Apnea
   PB6: Hemodynamics
   PB7: Imaging
   PB8: Physionet/CinC Challenge
   PB9: QRS Morphology II
 13:45    MC: Closing Plenary Session