Computing in Cardiology 2016, Volume 43

Vancouver, Canada


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In Memory Carlo Marchesi
Table of Contents

Index by Session

1Rosanna Degani Young Investigator Finals
2-1System Studies in Cardiovascular Autonomic Function
2-2ECG Repolarization
2-3Ventricular Arrhythmias/Resuscitation
2-4Magnetic Resonance Imaging
3-1Ambulatory ECG
3-2Health Informatics
3-3Special Session: ECG Imaging in Atrial Electrophysiology
3-4Cardiac Imaging: Motion Analysis
4-1Health Analytics and Software
4-2Modeling: Tissue and Defibrillation
4-3Cardiac Pressure and Bloodflow
4-4ECG Miscellaneous
5-1Atrial Fibrillation
5-2Membrane and Cellular Models
5-3Health Informatics and Wearable Systems
5-4ECG Miscellaneous II
5-5ECG Imaging I
6-1Medical Informatics and Technology
6-3Cardiac Imaging
6-4Cardiovascular Modeling and Analysis
6-5Baroreflex Sensitivity and Autonomic Regulation
6-6Physionet Challenge I
7-1Physionet Challenge I
7-2ECG Signal Processing I
7-3Cardiac Mechanics
7-4Atrial Fibrillation-Clinical
8-1ECG Imaging II
8-2Novel Techniques for Heart Rate Variability
8-3Multi-scale Modelling
8-4Intrinsic and Electronic Pacing
8-5Special Session:Recent Advances in Seismocardiography and Ballistocardiography
9-1ECG Signal Processing II
9-2Physionet Challenge II
9-3Modelling Ion Channels and Drug Effects
9-4Respiration, Heart Rate and Sleep Disorders
10-1Special Session: QT, Drugs and Computing
10-2Ultrasound Imaging
10-3Fetal, antenatal and neonatal Cardiovascular Control
11-1Ventricular Arrhythmias
11-2Atrial Fibrillation
11-3Heartrate Variability
11-4Cardiorespiratory Characterization and Analysis
11-6Cellular and Tissue Models
11-7ECG Miscellaneous
11-8Physionet Challenge II

1: Rosanna Degani Young Investigator Finals

Left Atrial Hypertrophy Increases P-Wave Terminal Force Through Amplitude but not Duration
Axel Loewe, Robin Andlauer, Olaf Dössel, Gunnar Seemann and Pyotr G. Platonov
Index of T-wave Variation as a Predictor of Sudden Cardiac Death in Chronic Heart Failure Patients with Atrial Fibrillation
Alba Martin, Iwona Cygankiewicz, Antoni Bayés-De-Luna, Pablo Laguna, Enrico G Caiani and Juan Pablo Martinez
Modelling the Effects of Disopyramide on Short QT Syndrome Variant 1 in the Human Ventricles
Dominic G Whittaker, Haibo Ni, Alan P Benson, Jules C Hancox and Henggui Zhang
Highest Dominant Frequency and Rotor Sites are Robust Markers for Atrial Driver Location in Non-invasive Mapping of Atrial Fibrillation
Miguel Rodrigo, Andreu M Climent, Alejandro Liberos, Francisco Fernández-Avilés, Omer Berenfeld, Felipe Atienza and Maria S Guillem

2-1: System Studies in Cardiovascular Autonomic Function

Controlling the Inspiration/Expiration Ratio Benefits the Deceleration Capacity Index of Heart Rate in Assessing the Sympatho-vagal Balance
Qing Pan, Chenglong Gao, Gongzhan Zhou, Ruofan Wang, Yihua Yu, Luping Fang and Gangmin Ning
Analysis of Endocardial Micro-Accelerometry during Valsalva Maneuvers
Clément Gallet, Virginie Le Rolle, Jean-Luc Bonnet, Christine Henry, Albert Hagège, Philippe Mabo, Guy Carrault and Alfredo Hernandez
Volatility Leveraging in Heart Rate: health vs disease
Ana Paula Rocha, Argentina Maria Leite and Maria Eduarda Silva
Increased Systolic Blood Pressure driven Skeletal Muscle activation Following Stroke: A causality analysis
Nandu Goswami, Ajay Verma, Amanmeet Garg, Da Xu, Reza Fazel Rezai, Kouhyar Tavakolian and Andrew P. Blaber

2-2: ECG Repolarization

Postextrasystolic T Wave Change to Stratify Risk of Pump Failure Death in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure
Gustavo Lenis, Robert Menges, Julia Ramírez, Iwona Cygankiewicz, Antoni Bayés de Luna, Juan Pablo Martínez, Pablo Laguna and Olaf Dössel
Automated ECG Ventricular Beat Detection with Switching Kalman Filters
Julien Oster and Lionel Tarassenko
Temporal Alignment of Asynchronously Sampled Biomedical Signals
Samuel Emil Schmidt, Kasper Emerek, Ask Schou Jensen, Jacob Melgaard, Kasper Sørensen, Claus Graff, Peter Sogaard and Johannes Jan Struijk
Comparison of two methods for assessment of Microvolt T-Wave Alternans: discrete vs continuous T-wave analysis
Thaís Winkert, Paulo Roberto Benchimol-Barbosa and Jurandir Nadal
An Index for T-wave Pointwise Amplitude Variability Quantification
Julia Ramírez, Michele Orini, J. Derek Tucker, Esther Pueyo and Pablo Laguna

2-3: Ventricular Arrhythmias/Resuscitation

Subject-Specific Detection of Ventricular Tachycardia Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Sandeep Chandra Bollepalli, S Sastry Challa and Soumya Jana
Enhancement of Life-threatening Arrhythmias Discrimination in the Intensive Care Unit with Morphological Features and Interval Features Extraction via Random Forest Classifier
Farhad Asadi, Mohammad Javad Mollakazemi, Shadi Ghiasi and S. Hossein Sadati
Nonlinear Energy Operators for Defibrillation Shock Outcome Prediction
Beatriz Chicote Gutiérrez, Unai Irusta Zarandona, Elisabete Aramendi Ecenarro, Iraia Isasi Liñero, Daniel Alonso Moreno, Fernando Vicente Casanova and Maria de las Cruces Sanchez Fernandez
Additive Model to Evaluate the Accuracy of Chest Compression Feedback Systems in Moving Vehicles
Digna M González-Otero, Jesús Ruiz, Sofía Ruiz de Gauna, James K Russell, Luis Alberto Leturiondo and Purificación Saiz
Chest Diameter Measurement in Pediatric Patients for Chest Compression Feedback Calibration
Sofía Ruiz de Gauna, Digna M González-Otero, Jesús Ruiz, Stefano De Nigris, Purificación Saiz, José Julio Gutiérrez, James K Russell and Elena De Momi

2-4: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Aortic Flow and Morphology Adaptation to Deconditioning after 21-Days of Head-Down Bed-Rest Assessed by Phase Contrast MRI
Enrico Caiani, Giovanni Riso, Federica Landreani, Alba Martin, Selene Pirola, Filippo Piatti, Francesco Sturla, Pierre Vaida and Pierre-Francois Migeotte
Development of 3D Patient-specific Models for Left Atrium Geometric Characterization to Support Ablation in Atrial Fibrillation Patients
Maddalena Valinoti, Claudio Fabbri, Dario Turco, Roberto Maantovan, Antonio Pasini and Cristiana Corsi
Automatic Segmentation of Left Ventricular Myocardium by Deep Convolutional and De-convolutional Neural Networks
Xulei Yang, Like Gobeawan, Si Yong Yeo, Wai Teng Tang, Zhen Zhou Wu and Yi Su
Right Ventricular Endocardial Segmentation in CMR Images using a Novel Inter-Modality Statistical Shape Modelling Approach
Concetta Piazzese, M. Chiara Carminati, Rolf Krause, Angelo Auricchio, Lynn Weinert, Gloria Tamborini, Mauro Pepi, Roberto M. Lang and Enrico G. Caiani
A Novel Left Ventricular Volumes Prediction Method Based on Deep Learning Network in Cardiac MRI
Gongning Luo, Guanxiong Sun, Kuanquan Wang, Suyu Dong and Henggui Zhang

3-1: Ambulatory ECG

The Effects of 40 Hz Low-pass Filtering on the Spatial QRS-T Angle
Daniel Guldenring, Dewar Finlay, Raymond Bond, Alan Kennedy, James McLaughlin and Kieran Moran
Artificial Rhythm Recognition using Portable Cardiomonitor and Mobile Application
Maria Chaykovskaya, Alexander Kalinichenko, Ekaterina Fetisova, Sergey Mironovich and Alexey Kiprensky
Optimisation of Electrode Placement for New Ambulatory ECG Monitoring Devices
Alan Kennedy, Dewar Finlay, Daniel Guldenring, Raymond Bond, James McLaughlin and Keiran Moran

3-2: Health Informatics

An Eye-Tracking Assessment of Coronary Care Nurses during the Interpretation of Patient Monitoring Scenarios
Jonathan Currie, Raymond R. Bond, Paul McCullagh, Pauline Black, Dewar D. Finlay and Aaron Peace
Estimating Fetal Gestational Age Using Cardiac Valve Intervals
Faezeh Marzbanrad, Ahsan Habib Khandoker, Yoshitaka Kimura, Marimuthu Palaniswami and Gari Clifford

3-3: Special Session: ECG Imaging in Atrial Electrophysiology

ECG Imaging of Focal Atrial Excitation: Evaluation in a Realistic Simulation Setup
Danila Potyagaylo, Axel Loewe, Olaf Dössel and Peter van Dam
Evaluation of Combined Noninvasive Electrocardiographic Imaging and Phase Mapping approach for Atrial Fibrillation: A Simulation Study
Remi Dubois, Ali Pashaei, Josselin Duchateau and Ed Vigmond
Noninvasive Identification of Atrial Fibrillation Drivers: Simulation and Patient Data Evaluation
Maria de la Salud Guillem Sánchez, Andreu M Climent, Miguel Rodrigo, Ismael Hernández-Romero, Alejandro Liberos, Francisco Fernández-Avilés, Omer Berenfeld and Felipe Atienza

3-4: Cardiac Imaging: Motion Analysis

Automatic Segmentation of Mitral Leaflet Movement in Doppler Tissue M-Mode Ultrasound
Kasper Sørensen, Samuel Emil Schmidt, Peter L Sørensen, Anne-Sofie Korsager, Jacob Melgaard, Peter Søgaard and Johannes Struijk
Respiratory Motion Correction for 2D Cine Cardiac MR Images using Probabilistic Edge Maps
Ozan Oktay, Giacomo Tarroni, Wenjia Bai, Antonio de Marvao, Declan O'Regan, Stuart Cook and Daniel Rueckert
A Miniaturized MEMS Motion Processing System for Nuclear Medicine Imaging Applications
Mojtaba Jafari Tadi, Eero Lehtonen, Jarmo Teuho, Antti Saraste, Mikko Pänkäälä, Mika Teräs and Tero Koivisto

4-1: Health Analytics and Software

Closing the Data Loop: An Integrated Open Access Analysis Platform for the MIMIC Database
Mohammad Adibuzzaman, Ken Musselman, Alistair Johnson, Paul Brown, Zachary Pitluk Pitluk and Ananth Grama
Telecardiology under Resource Constraint: Low-complexity Compact Representation of ECG
Roopak Tamboli and Soumya Jana
Design of an Electronic Upload and Reporting System aimed at Corelab Tasks and Responsibilities in Multi-center Clinical Trials
Jan Walter Benjamins, Yoran M. Hummel, Jan Peter Busman, Frans Riepma, Bernard Dorhout and Joost P. van Melle
Machine Learning Approaches for Supporting Patient-Specific Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs
Danilo Lofaro, Maria Carmela Groccia, Rosita Guido, Domenico Conforti, Sergio Caroleo and Gionata Fragomeni
An Annotation Driven Rule-based Algorithm for Suggesting Multiple 12-lead Electrocardiogram Interpretations
Andrew Cairns, Raymond Bond, Dewar Finlay and Daniel Guldenring

4-2: Modeling: Tissue and Defibrillation

Impact of Three Dimensional Atrial Fibrosis on Development and Stability of Rotational Activity in Atrial Fibrillation – A 3D Simulation and Clinical High-density Mapping Study in Peristent Atrial Fibrillation
Markus Rottmann, Ufuk Aslan, Wenzel Kaltenbacher, Viktor Markstein, Thomas Arentz, Olaf Dössel and Amir Jadidi
The Effect of Conductivity Values on Activation Times and Defibrillation Thresholds
Barbara Johnston, Josef Barnes and Peter Johnston
Biventricular Pacing Optimization by Means of the Dyssynchrony Parameter
Pavel Jurak, Pavel Leinveber, Josef Halamek, Filip Plesinger, Tereza Postranecka, Jolana Lipoldova and Miroslav Novak
Continuous Models Fail to Capture Details of Reentry in Fibrotic Myocardium
Tanmay Gokhale, Eli Medvescek and Craig Henriquez
The Strength-Interval Curve for Blood Vessels
Adam Connolly and Martin Bishop
Regularity of Node Distribution Impacts Conduction Velocities in Finite Element Simulations of the Heart
Eike Moritz Wülfers, Olaf Dössel and Gunnar Seemann

4-3: Cardiac Pressure and Bloodflow

The Pressure Gradient across the Endocardium
rachad shoucri
Estimation of End-Diastolic Pressure via Deconvolution
Christoph Hoog Antink, Daniel Rüschen, Steffen Leonhardt and Marian Walter
Diastolic Augmentation Index Improves Augmentation Index in Assessing Arterial Stiffness
Yang Yao, Lisheng Xu, Yu Wang, Yahui Zhang, Yingxian Sun and Liang Guo
Exploratory Study of the Cardiac Dynamic Trajectory in the Embedding Space
Jorge Oliveira, Bruna Cardoso and Miguel Coimbra
Heart-valve Sounds Obtained with a Laser Doppler Vibrometer
Johannes Struijk, Kim Munck, Bolette Dybkjær Hansen, Nina Jacobsen, Louise Pilgaard, Kasper Sørensen and Samuel Emil Schmidt

4-4: ECG Miscellaneous

A Vectorcardiographic Evaluation of the Consensus Criteria for Early Repolarization
Peter L Sørensen, Kasper Sørensen, Jacob Melgaard, Johannes J Struijk, Steen M Hansen, Jørgen K Kanters, Jonas B Nielsen, Jesper H Svendsen, Stig Haunsoe, Lars Koeber, Anders G Holst, Adrian Pietersen, Christian Torp-Pedersen, Freddy K Lippert and Claus Graff
Ensemble Classifier Based on Linear Discriminant Analysis for Classifying Brugada Syndrome Patients According to Symptomatology
DANIEL ROMERO, Mireia Calvo, Nathalie Béhar, Philippe Mabo and Alfredo Hernandez
The Role of Reduced Left Ventricular, Systolic Blood Volumes in ST Segment Potentials Overlying Diseased Tissue of the Ischemic Heart
Brett Burton, Kedar Aras, Jess Tate, Wilson Good and Rob MacLeod
Prevalence of Ventricular Ectopy in Older Adults across Different Frailty Levels
Saman Parvaneh, Bijan Najafi, Nima Toosizadeh, Irbaz Bin Riaz and Jane Mohler
A Feature Selection for Detection of Non ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction
Cesar Oswaldo Navarro Paredes, Mary Jo Kurth, David J McEneaney and James McLaughlin

5-1: Atrial Fibrillation

A New Model of the Human Atrial Myocyte with Variable T-tubule Organization for the Study of Atrial Fibrillation
Michael A Colman, Prasanna Sarathy, Niall Macquaide and Antony Workman
Personalized Modeling Pipeline for Left Atrial Electromechanics
Thomas E Fastl, Catalina Tobon-Gomez, William A Crozier, John Whitaker, Ronak Rajani, Karen P McCarthy, Damian Sanchez-Quintana, Siew Y Ho, Mark D O'Neill, Gernot Plank, Martin J Bishop and Steven A Niederer
Predicting Spiral Wave Stability by Personalized Electrophysiology Models
Cesare Corrado, John Whitaker, Henry Chubb, Steven Williams, Matt Wright, Jaswinder Gill, Mark O'Neill and Steven Niederer
High Resolution Microscopic Optical Mapping of Anatomical and Functional Reentries in Human Cardiac Cell Cultures
Andreu M Climent, Ismael Hernández-Romero, Maria de la Salud Guillem Sánchez, Nuria Montserrat, Maria Eugenia Fernández, Felipe Atienza and Francisco Fernández-Avilés
Epicardial Fibrosis Explains Increased Transmural Conduction in a Computer Model of Atrial Fibrillation
Ali Gharaviri, Mark Potse, Sander Verheule, Rolf Krause, Angelo Auricchio and Ulrich Schotten
Dynamic Behavior of Rotors during Human Persistent Atrial Fibrillation as observed using Non-Contact Mapping
Nawshin Dastagir, Tiago Almeida, Xin Li, Frederique J Vanheusden, Gavin S Chu, Peter J Stafford, G Andre Ng and Fernando S Schlindwein

5-2: Membrane and Cellular Models

An Algorithm for Fitting Local Membrane Parameters to an Action Potential Duration Map in a Tissue with Electrotonic Interactions
Angelina Drahi, Akshay Kota Aswath Kumar and Vincent Jacquemet
Simulation Study on the Balance of Glycolytic ATP Production and Oxidative Phosphorylation in Embryonic and Adult Ventricular Cells
Hitomi Sano, Yasuhiro Naito and Masaru Tomita
Na+ Current in Human Atrial Myofibroblasts Alters Myocyte Excitability: A Computational Study
Heqing Zhan, Jialun Lin, Xiaoling Li and Jingtao Zhang
Effects of the Transient Outward Potassium Current on Action Potential Upstroke Velocities Tested Using the Dynamic Clamp Technique
Arie Verkerk, Christiaan Veerman, Jan Zegers and Ronald Wilders
A New Tool for the Action Potential Repolarization Dynamic Analysis: Application to the Discrimination of Diabetic and Control Cells
Olivier Meste, Marianna Meo, Sergio Signore and Marcello Rota
Numerical Analysis of Conduction of the Action Potential Across the Purkinje Fibre-Ventricular Muscle Junction
Jue Li, Henggui Zhang and Mark Boyett

5-3: Health Informatics and Wearable Systems

Difference in Pulse Arrival Time at Forehead and at Finger as a Surrogate of Pulse Transit Time
Jesus Lazaro, Raquel Bailón, Pablo Laguna, Vaidotas Mazoras, Andrius Rapalis and Eduardo Gil
Cor/log BAN BT a Wearable Battery Powered mHealth Data Logger and Telemetry Unit for Multiple Vital Sign Monitoring.
Thomas Hilbel, Sven Feilner, Matthias Struck, Sven Hofmann, Andreas Heinig and Hugo Katus
Atrial Fibrillation Detection Using Photo-plethysmography and Acceleration Data at the Wrist
Alberto Bonomi, Fons Schipper, Linda Eerikainen, Jenny Margarito, Ronald Aarts, Saeed Babaeizadeh, Helma de Morree and Lukas Dekker
Cardiac Condition Monitoring through Photoplethysmogram Signal Denoising Using Wearables: Can We Detect Coronary Artery Disease with Higher Performance Efficacy?
Arijit Ukil, Soma Bandyoapdhyay, Chetanya Puri, Arpan Pal and Kayapanda Mandana
Impact of the Mechanical Interface on BCG Signals obtained from Electronic Weighing Scales
Ramon Casanella, Joan Gomez-Clapers, Marc Hernandez-Urrea and Ramon Pallas-Areny

5-4: ECG Miscellaneous II

Reproducibility of Heart Rate Variability Characteristics Measured on Random 10-second ECG using Joint Symbolic Dynamics
Muammar Kabir, Golriz Sedaghat, Jason Thomas and Larisa Tereshchenko
Finding similar ECGs in a large 12-lead ECG database
Richard Gregg, Sophia Zhou and Saeed Babaeizadeh
High Frequency QRS for Detection of Myocardial Ischemia
Pavel Leinveber, Josef Halamek, Pavel Jurak, Filip Plesinger, Jolana Lipoldova, Juraj Jurco and Miroslav Novak
Potential Solutions for Managing Real-Time ECG/Arrhythmia Monitoring Alarms - A Review
John Wang
Comparison of Spatial QRS-T Angle in Different Healthy Racial Groups
Elaine Clark and Peter Macfarlane
SCP-ECG V3.0: An enhanced Standard Communication Protocol for computer-assisted Electrocardiography
Paul Rubel, Danilo Pani, Alois Schloegl, Jocelyne Fayn, Fabio Badilini, Peter Macfarlane and Alpo Varri

5-5: ECG Imaging I

Noninvasive Localization of Premature Ventricular Activity Using Different Equivalent Point Sources
Jana Svehlikova and Milan Tysler
Noninvasive Epicardial and Endocardial Electrocardiographic Imaging of Scar-Related Ventricular Tachycardia
Linwei Wang, Omar Gharbia, Sandesh Ghimire, Milan Horacek and John Sapp
A Comparison of Discretization Methods for the Inverse Problem of Electrocardiography
Laura Bear, Leo Cheng, Remi Dubois, Denis Loiselle and Bruce Smaill
The Consortium on Electrocardiographic Imaging
Jaume Coll-Font, Dana H Brooks, Peter M van Dam, Jwala Dhamala, Olaf Dössel, Maria de la Salud Guillem Sánchez, Rob MacLeod, Danila Potyagaylo, Walther Schulze, Jess D Tate and Linwei Wang
Temporal Dilation of Animal Cardiac Recordings Registered to Human Torso Geometries
Karli Gillette, Jess Tate, Brianna Kindall, Wilson Good, Jeff Wilkinson, Narendra Simha and Rob MacLeod
Patient-Specific Time-Varying Association between Spatial and Temporal Variability in Repolarization and High Sensitivity Troponin I
Larisa Tereshchenko and Albert Feeny

6-1: Medical Informatics and Technology

An Adaptive Organization Index to Characterize Atrial Fibrillation using Wrist-Type Photoplethysmographic Signals
Sibylle Fallet, Mathieu Lemay, Philippe Renevey, Célestin Leupi, Etienne Pruvot and Jean-Marc Vesin
Imaging Photoplethysmography: What are the Best Locations on the Face to Estimate Heart Rate?
Sibylle Fallet, Virginie Moser, Fabian Braun and Jean-Marc Vesin
Real-Time Approaches for Heart Rate Monitoring using Imaging Photoplethysmography
Sibylle Fallet, Leila Mirmohamadsadeghi, Virginie Moser, Fabian Braun and Jean-Marc Vesin
Missing Data Imputation for Individualised CVD Diagnostic and Treatment
Sitalakshmi Venkatraman, Andrew Yatsko, Andrew Stranieri and Herbert F Jelinek
A Heuristic Gene Regulatory Networks Model for Cardiac Function and Pathology
Armita Zanegar, Peter Vamplew, Andrew Stranieri and Herbert F Jelinek
A Novel Algorithm for Fast Ballistocardiogram Cycle Extraction in Ambulatory Scenarios
Joan Gomez-Clapers, Ramon Casanella and Ramon Pallas-Areny
Validation of the Heart-Rate Signal Provided by the Zephyr BioHarness 3.0
Daniele Nepi, Agnese Sbrollini, Angela Agostinelli, Elvira Maranesi, Francesco Di Nardo, Sandro Fioretti, Paola Pierleoni, Luca Pernini, Simone Valenti and Laura Burattini
An Evaluation of Different Coating for TiN Microelectrode Chambers Used for Neonatal Cardiomyocytes
Ondrej Svoboda, Josef Skopalik, Larisa Baiazitova, Eva Gabrielova, Vratislav Cmiel, Ivo Provaznik, Zdenka Fohlerova and Jaromir Hubalek
A Context-aware, Predictive and Protective Approach for Wellness Monitoring of Cardiac Patients
Abdur Rahim Mohammad Forkan and Weichih Hu
Fully-Textile Polymer-Based ECG Electrodes: Overcoming the Limits of Metal-Based Textiles
Danilo Pani, Andrea Achilli, Pier Paolo Bassareo, Lucia Cugusi, Giuseppe Mercuro, Beatrice Fraboni and Annalisa Bonfiglio
Design and Implementation of a Tool for the Analysis and Management of Cardiac Parameters
Jorge Aguilera Perez and Rene Ivan Gonzalez-Fernandez
An Interactive Clinician-friendly Query Builder for Decision Support During ECG Interpretation
Ronald Cloughley, Raymond R. Bond, Dewar D. Finlay, Daniel Guldenring and James McLaughlin

6-2: ECG

Optimization of Organ Conductivity for the Forward Problem of Electrocardiography
Laura Bear, Remi Dubois and Nejib Zemzemi
Detection of Incomplete Left Bundle Branch Block by Noninvasive Electrocardiographic Imaging
Laura Bear, Ruben Coronel, Peter Huntjens, Olivier Bernus, Corentin Dallet, Richard Walton and Remi Dubois
Reduced QT Variability and increased QT/RR slope in ECG signals of Depressed Patients with Suicidal Ideation
Ahsan Khandoker, Veena Luthra, Yousef Abouallaban, Muhammad Hasan, Nayeefa Chowdhury and Herbert Jelinek
Respiratory Rate Estimation from Multilead ECG Delineation using VCG Directions on Fiducial Points
Maikel Noriega, Ennis Carcases, K Duran, Enrique Marañón, Juan Pablo Martínez and Rute Almeida
Comparison of Four Recovery Algorithms Used in Compressed Sensing for ECG Signal Processing
Zhimin Zhang, Shoushui Wei, Dingwen Wei, Liping Li, Feng Liu and Chengyu Liu
Myocardial Ischemia Events Detection based on Support Vector Machines using QRS and ST Features
Rudys Magrans, Pedro Gomis and Pere Caminal
Response of Ventricular Repolarization Parameters to Preload Changes in Isolated Working Heart
Jakub Hejc, Oto Janousek, Marina Ronzhina, Tibor Stracina, Veronika Olejnickova, Jana Kolarova and Marie Novakova
Dynamic Coupling Between Ventricular Repolarization Duration and RR-Interval Phase-Rectification Analysis in Chagas Disease
Paulo Roberto Benchimol-Barbosa, Olivassé Nasario-Junior, Jurandir Nadal and Roberto Coury Pedrosa
Automatic Detection of the Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) Syndrome from Electrocardiograms (ECGs)
Hassan Adam MAHAMAT, Sabir Jacquir, Cliff Khalil, Gabriel Laurent and Stéphane Binczak
Auto-Cropping of Phone Camera Color Images to Segment Cardiac Signals in ECG Printouts
Fernando Lozano-Fernández, Inmaculada Mora-Jiménez, Margarita Sanromán-Junquera, Sergio Muñoz-Romero, Arcadio García-Alberola and Jose Luis Rojo-Alvarez
Do we need to enforce the homogeneous Neumann condition on the torso for solving the inverse electrographic problem?
Judit Chamorro-Servent, Laura Bear, Josselin Duchateau, Mark Potse, Remi Dubois and Yves Coudière
Empirical Mode Decomposition Template Matched Filter for Detection and Estimation of T-Wave Alternans
Asim Bakhshi, Muhammad Latif, Sajid Bashir and Hafiz Munsub Ali
Is There Any Association Between Ventricular Ectopy and Falls in Community-dwelling Older Adults?
Saman Parvaneh, Bijan Najafi, Nima Toosizadeh, Irbaz Bin Riaz and Jane Mohler
Classification Methodology of CVD with Localized Features Analysis Using Phase Space Reconstruction Targeting Personalized Remote Health Monitoring
Naresh Vemishetty, Amit Acharyya, Saptarshi Das, Shivteja Ayyagari, Soumya Jana, Koushik Maharatna and Paolo Emilio Puddu
Adaptive Modulation Spectral Filtering for Improved Electrocardiogram Quality Enhancement
Diana Tobon and Tiago Falk
Automatic Location of Sources of Electrical Activation from Electroanatomical Maps
Fernando Barber, Miguel Lozano, Ignacio Garcia-Fernandez and Rafael Sebastian
Study of New Criteria Based on Eigenvalue Decomposition to Assist Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy Diagnosis
Santiago Jiménez-Serrano, Jorge Sanz Sánchez, Antonio Cebrián, Begoña Igual, Raquel Cervigón, Jose Millet, Esther Zorio and Francisco Castells
Comparison of General Purpose ECG Analyzers in Patients Implanted with a CRT Device.
Jaime Yagüe-Mayans, Santiago Jiménez-Serrano, Pau Alonso Fernandez, Raquel Cervigón, Conrado J. Calvo, Francisco Castells, Joaquin Osca Asensi and Jose Millet
Serial ECG Analysis after Myocardial Infarction: When Heart Failure Develops, the ECG Becomes Increasingly Discordant
Marjolein C. De Jongh, Arie C. Maan, Enno T. Van der Velde and Cees A. Swenne
A Genetic Algorithm-Neural Network Wrapper Approach for Bundle Branch Block Detection
Ragheed Allami, Andrew Stranieri, Herbert F Jelinek and Venki Balasubramanian
Multiscale Principal Component Analysis to Predict Atrial Fibrillation Reversion to Sinus Rhythm
Raquel Cervigón, Javier Moreno, Francisco Castells and Jose Millet

6-3: Cardiac Imaging

Autocorrelation Kernel Support Vector Machines for Doppler Ultrasound M-Mode Images Denoising
Cristina Soguero-Ruiz, Alicia Guerrero-Curieses, Francisco Javier Palancar, Javier Bermejo, José Carlos Antoranz and Jose Luis Rojo-Alvarez
A Left Ventricular Segmentation Method on 3D Echocardiography Using Deep Learning and Snake
Suyu Dong, Gongning Luo, Guanxiong Sun, Kuanquan Wang and Henggui Zhang
Spatial-Frequency Approach to Fibrous Tissue Classification in Intracoronary Optical Images
Maysa M G Macedo, Pedro FG Nicz, Carlos M Campos, Pedro A Lemos and Marco Antonio Gutierrez
An Approach to New Methods for Digital Processing on Optical Mapping Sequences and Electrical Mapping
Sergio Muñoz-Romero, Margarita Sanromán-Junquera, Cristina Soguero-Ruíz, Inmaculada Mora-Jiménez, Raúl Caulier-Cisterna, Javier Moreno-Planas, Jorge García-Quintanilla, Arcadi García-Alberola and Jose Luis Rojo-Alvarez
A Deep Learning Network for Right Ventricle Segmentation in Short-Axis MRI
Gongning Luo, Ran An, Kuanquan Wang, Suyu Dong and Henggui Zhang
Reconstruction of 3D Dense Cardiac Motion Field from Cine and Tagged Magnetic Resonance Images
Soo Kng Teo, Sarayu Parimal, Like Gobeawan, Smita Sampath, Chih-Liang Chin and Yi Su
Directional Analysis of Cardiac Motion Field based on the Discrete Helmholtz Hodge Decomposition
John Sims, Marco Gutierrez and Maysa M G Macedo

6-4: Cardiovascular Modeling and Analysis

Fuzzy Logic SBP and RR Modelling Evaluated under Parasympathetic Blockade
Sonia Gouveia, Andreia O. Pinheiro, Susana Brás and Luciana A. Campos
The Effect of Cardiac Filling on Heart Rate Variability in Rabbit Isolated Heart
Oto Janousek, Marina Ronzhina, Jakub Hejc, Tibor Stracina, Veronika Olejnickova, Marie Nováková, Ivo Provazník and Jana Kolarova
Casual Interactions between Blood Pressure and Cardiac Inter-beat Intervals in Older People with Orthostatic Intolerance
Marcos Hortelano, Richard B. Reilly and Raquel Cervigón
Sample Entropy Analysis of Hemodynamic Parameters in elderly with Orthostatic Intolerance Symptoms
Marcos Hortelano, Richard Reilly and Raquel Cervigón
Short-term Hemodynamic Variability in Supine and Tilted Position in Young Women
Gerard Cybulski, Edward Kozluk, Agnieszka Piatkowska, Ewa Michalak, Anna Strasz, Anna Gasiorowska and Wiktor Niewiadomski
Changes in Amplitude Characteristics of Heart Sound Signals during External-cuff-inflation Procedure: A Pilot Study
Xinpei Wang, Yuanyang Li, Chengyu Liu, Changchun Liu, Lizhen Ji and Haibin Zeng
Effect of Autonomic Cardiac Modulation on Speech Perception in Noise
Kang Pei, Fei Chen and Dingchang Zheng
Hemodynamic Modelling in the Calf – A Pilot Study
Magdalena Matejkova, Pavel Jurak, Ladislav Soukup, Josef Halamek, Ivo Viscor, Peter Langer and Vlastimil Vondra

6-5: Baroreflex Sensitivity and Autonomic Regulation

Effect of Exercise on Baroreflex at Different Altitudes
Sasan Yazdani, Nicolas Bourdillon, AltitudeOmics Group and Jean-Marc Vesin
Effect of Hypoxia and Hyperoxia on Baroreflex Sensitivity
Sasan Yazdani, Nicolas Bourdillon, AltitudeOmics Group and Jean-Marc Vesin
Instantaneous Response Patterns of Baroreflex Sensitivity, Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia Sensitivity and Vagal Activity to Cold Face Test and Active Orthostatic Test
Salvador Carrasco-Sosa, Alejandra Guillén-Mandujano and Aldo R. Mejía-Rodríguez
Reflection of Autonomic Regulation Behaviour Using Short-Term Cross-Spectral Analysis on RR and QT Intervals
Ping Zhan, Chenxi Li, Hongduoer Liu and Yi Peng

6-6: Physionet Challenge I

Abnormal Heart Sounds Detected from Short Duration Unsegmented Phonocardiograms by Wavelet Entropy
Philip Langley and Alan Murray
Automated Classification of Normal and Abnormal Heart Sounds using Support Vector Machines
Anthony Bouril, Darya Aleinikava, Maria de la Salud Guillem Sánchez and Grace Mirsky
Machine Learning Based Identification of Pathological Heart Sounds
Tanmay Gokhale
Using Spectral Acoustic Features to Identify Abnormal Heart Sounds
Nicholas Singh-Miller and Natasha Singh-Miller
Recognition of Abnormalities in Phonocardiograms for Computer-Assisted Diagnosis of Heart Failures
Simon Hofmann, Volker Groß and Andreas Dominik
Heart Sound Classification Using Deep Structured Features
Michael Tschannen, Thomas Kramer, Gian Marti, Matthias Heinzmann and Thomas Wiatowski
Classification of Acoustic Physiological Signals Based on Deep Learning Neural Networks with Augmented Features
Te-Chung Yang and Haowei Hsieh
Time-Frequency Analysis of Phonocardiogram for Classifying Heart Disease
Rohan Banerjee, Swagata Biswas, Snehasis Banerjee, Anirban Dutta Choudhury, Tanushyam Chattopadhyay, Arpan Pal, Kayapanda M Mandana and Parijat Deshpande
Time and Frequency -Based Approach to Heart Sound Segmentation and Classification
Jarno Mäkelä and Heikki Väänänen
Can Electrocardiogram Classification be Applied to Phonocardiogram Data? -- An Analysis Using Recurrent Neural Networks
Christopher Schölzel and Andreas Dominik
Normal / Abnormal Heart Sound Recordings Classification Using Convolutional Neural Network
Tanachat Nilanon, Sanjay Purushotham and Yan Liu
Heart Sound Classification Based on Temporal Alignment Techniques
Jose Javier Gonzalez Ortiz, Cheng Perng Phoo and Jenna Wiens
Classification of Normal/Abnormal Heart Sound Recordings based on Multi-Domain Features and Back Propagation Neural Network
Hong Tang, Huaming Chen, Ting Li and Mingjun Zhong
Heart Sound Classification from Wavelet Decomposed Signal Using Morphological and Statistical Features
Tamanna Tabassum Khan Munia, Kouhyar Tavakolian, Ajay Verma, Vahid Zakeri, Farzad Khosrow-Khavar, Reza Fazel-Rezai and Alireza Akhbardeh
Cycle Selection and Neuro-Voting System for Classifying Heart Sound Recordings
Mostafa Abdollahpur, Shadi Ghiasi, Mohammad Javad Mollakazemi and Ali Ghaffari
Classification of Heart Sound Signals Based on AR Model
Runnan He, Kuanquan Wang, Qince Li, Zhiqiang Sheng, Na Zhao and Henggui Zhang

7-1: Physionet Challenge I

Classification of Normal/Abnormal Heart Sound Recordings: the PhysioNet/Computing in Cardiology Challenge 2016
Gari Clifford, Chengyu Liu, David Springer, Benjamin Moody, Qiao Li, Ricardo Abad, Jose Millet, Ikaro Silva, Alistair Johnson and Roger Mark
Heart Sound Anomaly and Quality Detection using Ensemble of Neural Networks without Segmentation
Morteza Zabihi, Ali Bahrami Rad, Serkan Kiranyaz, Moncef Gabbouj and Aggelos K. Katsaggelos
DropConnected Neural Network Trained with Diverse Features for Classifying Heart Sounds
Edmund Kay and Anurag Agarwal
Ensemble of Feature-based and Deep learning-based Classifiers for Detection of Abnormal Heart Sounds
Cristhian Potes, Saman Parvaneh, Asif Rahman and Bryan Conroy
Using Deep Gated RNN with a Convolutional Front End for End-to-End Classification of Heart Sound
Christian Thomae and Andreas Dominik
A Tensor Approach to Heart Sound Classification
Ignacio Diaz Bobillo

7-2: ECG Signal Processing I

A Novel Preprocessing Tool to Enhance ECG R-wave Extraction
Sasan Yazdani and Jean-Marc Vesin
Phase-Rectified Signal Averaging for Automatic Detection of QRS Fragmentation
Griet Goovaerts, Bert Vandenberk, Carolina Varon, Rik Willems and Sabine Van Huffel
Clinical Severity of Noise in ECG
Estrella Everss Villalba, Francisco Manuel Melgarejo-Meseguer, Francisco Javier Gimeno-Blanes, Salvador Sala-Pla, Manuel Blanco-Velasco, Jose Luis Rojo-Alvarez and Arcadio García-Alberola
QRS Loop Folding Phenomenon in Vectorcardiogram of Healthy Individuals
Golriz Sedaghat, Muammar Kabir and Larisa Tereshchenko
Paced ECG Analysis in Mobile Cardiac Monitor
Alexander Kalinichenko, Maria Chaykovskaya and Daria Danilova

7-3: Cardiac Mechanics

The Relationship between Mechanical and Electrical Dyssynchrony
Pavel Leinveber, Josef Halamek, Pavel Jurak, Jaroslav Meluzin, Filip Plesinger, Jolana Lipoldova and Miroslav Novak
Statistical Left Ventricular Deformation Analysis
Si Yong Yeo, Xulei Yang, Like Gobeawan, Soo Kng Teo, Liang Zhong, Ru San Tan and Yi Su
Body Surface Mapping of the Mechanical Cardiac Activity
Kim Munck, Bolette Dybkjær Hansen, Nina Jacobsen, Louise Pedersen Pilgaard, Samuel Emil Schmidt and Kasper Sørensen
Measuring Left Ventricular Ejection Time Using Under-the-Mattress Sensor
Itamar Sela, Zvika Shinar and Kouhyar Tavakolian
Detection of Congestive Heart Failure using Renyi Entropy
David Cornforth and Herbert F Jelinek

7-4: Atrial Fibrillation-Clinical

Time-Frequency Analysis for Early Classification of Persistent and Long-Standing Persistent Atrial Fibrillation
Nuria Ortigosa, Óscar Cano, Antonio Galbis and Carmen Fernández
Noninvasive Recurrence Quantification Analysis Predicts Atrial Fibrillation Recurrence in Persistent Patients Undergoing Electrical Cardioversion
Olivier Meste, Stef Zeemering, Joel Karel, Theo Lankveld, Ulrich Schotten, Harry Crijns, Ralf Peeters and Pietro Bonizzi
Wrist-Located Optical Device for Atrial Fibrillation Screening: a Clinical Study on Twenty Patients
Mathieu Lemay, Sibylle Fallet, Philippe Renevey, Josep Solà, Josep Solà, Celestin Leupi, Etienne Pruvot and Jean-Marc Vesin
Beat-to-Beat Analysis of P-Waves in Patient with Atrial Fibrillation History
Valentina Corino, Federica Censi, Marianna Tesoro, Ivan Corazza, Elisa Reggiani, Giuseppe Boriani and Luca Mainardi
Contributing Factors Concerning Inconsistencies in Persistent Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Outcomes
Tiago Almeida, Gavin Chu, Xin Li, João Salinet, Nawshin Dastagir, Michael Bell, Frederique Vanheusden, Jiun Tuan, Peter Stafford, G. André Ng and Fernando Schlindwein

8-1: ECG Imaging II

Performance of Inverse Problem Regularization Methods for Driver Location during Atrial Fibrillation
Carlos Figuera, Víctor Suárez-Gutiérrez, Óscar Barquero-Pérez, Rebeca Goya-Esteban, Miguel Rodrigo, Ismael Hernández-Romero, Felipe Atienza, Maria de la Salud Guillem Sánchez, Andreu M Climent and Felipe Alonso-Atienza
Source Localization Probability Maps for Uncertainty Quantification in Electrocardiographic Imaging
Jessie France and Chris Johnson
Reconstruction of Atrial Ectopic Focal and Re-entrant Excitations from Body Surface Potentials: Insights from 3D Virtual Human Atria and Torso
Erick Andres Perez Alday, Michael A Colman and Henggui Zhang
Adaptive placement of the pseudo-boundaries improves the conditioning of the inverse problem
Judit Chamorro-Servent, Laura Bear, Josselin Duchateau, Corentin Dallet, Yves Coudière and Remi Dubois
Assessing Endocardial Activation from Bipolar Intra-Ventricular Electrodes: A Simulation Study
Peter Johnston and Gerald Fischer
Computational ECG reconstruction and validation from high-resolution optical mapping
Conner Herndon, ILIJA Uzelac, James Farmer and flavio fenton

8-2: Novel Techniques for Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability Estimation with Joint Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensing
Olli Lahdenoja, Tero Hurnanen, Mojtaba Jafari Tadi, Mikko Pänkäälä and Tero Koivisto
Extraction and Analysis of Short-Time Excursions in RR-interval Time Series
Jean-Marc Vesin, Sasan Yazdani, Leila Mirmohamadsadeghi and Nicolas Bourdillon
Mental Stress Detection Using Cardiorespiratory Wavelet Cross-Bispectrum
Spyridon Kontaxis, Jesus Lazaro, Alberto Hernando, Adriana Arza, Jorge Mario Garzón, Eduardo Gil, Pablo Laguna, Jordi Aguiló and Raquel Bailón
Mobile Based Study Links Insomnia and Sympathovagal Balance
Shuli Eyal and Anda Baharav
Network Analysis of Heart Beat Intervals Using Horizontal Visibility Graphs
Tamas Madl

8-3: Multi-scale Modelling

Mechanism behind Hyperkalemic Brugada Phenocopy: A Computational Study
Ismael Hernández-Romero, Paula Giménez, Allan Rivera, Carlos Figuera, Maria de la Salud Guillem Sánchez, Francisco Fernández-Avilés, Andreu M Climent and Felipe Atienza
Effect of Heart Failure-induced Electrical Remodeling on the Initiation of Atrial Arrhythmias
Na Zhao, Qince Li, Kuanquan Wang, Yong Xia, Runnan He, Xiangyun Bai and Henggui Zhang
Analysis of in-silico Body Surface P-wave Integral Maps show important differences depending on the connections between Coronary Sinus and Left Atrium
Ana Ferrer-Albero, Eduardo J. Godoy, Rafael Sebastian, Laura Martínez and Javier Saiz
Role of Substrate Flexibility on Cardiac Cell Culture Electrophysiological Properties
Lidia Gomez, Lucia Fuentes, Ismael Hernández-Romero, Maria de la Salud Guillem Sánchez, Felipe Atienza, Francisco Fernández-Avilés and Andreu M Climent

8-4: Intrinsic and Electronic Pacing

Predictive Analysis of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Response by means of the ECG
Nuria Ortigosa, Joaquín Osca, Carmen Fernández, Antonio Galbis, Rebeca Jiménez and Ydelise Rodríguez
Personalised Biophysical Model to Optimise Left Ventricle Pacing Location for Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy Over Time
Angela Lee, Manav Sohal, Jonathan Behar, Simon Claridge, Anoop Shetty, Thomas Jackson, Eoin Hyde, Gernot Plank, Reza Razavi, Pablo Lamata, Christopher Aldo Rinaldi and Steven Niederer
Precise pacing artefact detection
Juraj Jurco, Filip Plesinger, Josef Halamek, Pavel Jurak, Magdalena Matejkova, Pavel Leinveber and Jolana Lipoldova
Dynamic Regulation of Pacemaker Activity by the Na+-K+ Pump
Stefano Morotti, Joshua R St. Clair, Catherine Proenza and Eleonora Grandi

8-5: Special Session:Recent Advances in Seismocardiography and Ballistocardiography

Contact-Free Piezo-Electric Sensor Used for Real-Time Analysis of Inter Beat Interval Series
Yaniv Katz, Roman Karasik and Zvika Shinar
Direct Pulse Transit Time Measurement from an Electronic Weighing Scale
Joan Gomez-Clapers, Ramon Casanella and Ramon Pallas-Areny
Quantification of Posture Induced Changes in Wearable Seismocardiogram Signals for Heart Failure Patients
Abdul Qadir Javaid, Sean Dowling, Mozziyar Etemadi, James Alex Heller, Shuvo Roy, Liviu Klein and Omer Inan
A New Technological Platform for the Multisite Assessment of 3D Seismocardiogram and Pulse Transit Time in Cardiac Patients
Marco Di Rienzo, Prospero Lombardi, Diana Scurati and Emanuele Vaini

9-1: ECG Signal Processing II

Sparse Coding of Cardiac Signals for Automated Component Selection after Blind Source Separation
Daniel Wedekind, Denis Kleyko, Evgeny Osipov, Hagen Malberg, Sebastian Zaunseder and Urban Wiklund
A Model for Estimation of Noise Tolerance in ECG Parameters
Reza Firoozabadi, Richard Gregg and Saeed Babaeizadeh
Motion Artifact Suppression in Ambulatory ECG with Feed Forward Combine Adaptive Filter
huanqian zhang, Shulin Zhang, Qinghui Jin, Xuehua Liu, Qing Li, Jian Yang and Jianlong Zhao
Assessment of the Dynamic Response of Cardiac Depolarization During Stress Test Recovery Evaluated in Patients with Brugada Syndrome
DANIEL ROMERO, Nathalie Behar, Virginie Le Rolle, Philippe Mabo and Alfredo Hernandez

9-2: Physionet Challenge II

Discrimination of Normal and Abnormal Heart Sounds Using Probability Assessment
Filip Plesinger, Juraj Jurco, Josef Halamek and Pavel Jurak
Heart Sound Classification via Sparse Coding
Bradley Whitaker and David Anderson
Nonnegative Matrix Factorization and Random Forest for Classification of Heart Sound Recordings in the Spectral Domain
Christoph Hoog Antink, Julian Becker, Steffen Leonhardt and Marian Walter
Classifying Heart Sound Recordings using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients
Jonathan Rubin, Rui Abreu, Anurag Ganguli, Saigopal Nelaturi, Ion Matei and Kumar Sricharan
Automatic Heart Sound Recording Classification using a Nested Set of Ensemble Algorithms
Masun Nabhan Homsi, Natasha Medina, Miguel Hernandez, Natacha Quintero, Gilberto Perpiñan, Andrea Quintana and Philip Warrick

9-3: Modelling Ion Channels and Drug Effects

Sub-Cellular Network Analysis of Ryanodine Receptor Positioning in Control and Phosphorylated States
Ismail M. Khater, David R.L. Scriven, Edwin D.W. Moore and Ghassan Hamarneh
The Effect of Bioenergetic Impairment of Cytosolic Processes in Spatio-Temporal Ca2+ Dynamics in a Three-Dimensional Cardiomyocyte Model
Gareth Jones, Henggui Zhang and Michael A Colman
Modelling the Effects of Nifedipine on Ventricular and Myometrial Cells of Pregnant Rats
Craig P Testrow, Dominic G Whittaker, Arun Holden and Henggui Zhang
In Quest of a Sinoatrial Cell Model to Assess the Functional Effects of Mutations in the HCN4 Funny Current Gene
Ronald Wilders and Arie Verkerk
Synergistic Anti-arrhythmic Effects of Combined Blockade of Sodium and Ultra-rapid Delayed Rectifier Potassium Channels in Human Atria
Haibo Ni, Dominic G Whittaker, Wei Wang and Henggui Zhang

9-4: Respiration, Heart Rate and Sleep Disorders

Closed-loop Kinesthetic Stimulation for the Treatment of Sleep Apnea Syndromes
Diego Perez, Gustavo Guerrero, Delphine Feuerstein, Laurence Graindorge, Amel Amblard, Lotfi Senhadji, Jean-Louis Pépin and Alfredo Hernandez
Information Transfer Between Respiration and Heart Rate During Sleep Apnea
Carolina Varon, Luca Faes, Dries Testelmans, Bertien Buyse and Sabine Van Huffel
Sleep Apnea Screening with a Contact-Free Under-the-Mattress Sensor
Maayan Lia Yizraeli Davidovich, Roman Karasik, Asher Tal and Zvika Shinar
Cerebral Oximetry Versus Pulse Photoplethysmography to Monitor Respiration Rate
Iraia Isasi, Unai Irusta, Elisabete Aramendi, Goiuri Peralta and Erik Alonso
Beat-To-Beat Autonomic Cardiovascular Response to Short-Term 100%O2 Breathing: a Time-Frequency Analysis Approach
Salvador Carrasco-Sosa and Alejandra Guillén-Mandujano
Real-Time Respiratory Rate Estimation using Imaging Photoplethysmography Inter-Beat Intervals
Leila Mirmohamadsadeghi, Sibylle Fallet, Virginie Moser, Fabian Braun and Jean-Marc Vesin

10-1: Special Session: QT, Drugs and Computing

Cell-to-ECG Modeling and Clinical Trial ECG Evaluation of ECG J-to-Tpeak Interval
Joel Xue
Optimization of an In Silico Cardiac Cell Model for Proarrhythmia Risk Assessment
Sara Dutta, David Strauss, Thomas Colatsky and Zhihua Li

10-2: Ultrasound Imaging

Automatic Dynamic Quantification of Oesophagus Position from Intra-cardiac Echocardiography During Atrial Fibrillation Ablation
Federica Lauretti, Rachele Angeletti, Alessandro Dal Monte, Corrado Tomasi and Cristiana Corsi
Design of a Multiplexing Scheme for a Matrix Array for 3D Cardiac Imaging
Carolina Vallecilla and Jan D'hooge
Multicenter Validation of Three-Dimensional Echocardiographic Quantification of the Left Heart Chambers using Automated Adaptive Analytics
Diego Medvedofsky, Roberto Lang, Mihaela Amzulescu, Covadonga Fernández-Golfín, Rocio Hinojar, Mark Monaghan, Joseph Reiken, Masaaki Takeuchi, Wendy Tsang, Jean-Louis Vanoverschelde, Indrajith Vath, Lynn Weinert, Jose Luis Zamorano and Victor Mor-Avi
Feature Tracking Algorithm for Circumferential Strain using High Frame Rate Echocardiography
Martin Vandborg Andersen, Cooper Moore, Samuel Schmidt, Peter Søgaard, Johannes Struijk, Joseph Kisslo and Olaf von Ramm
A Combined Multi-scale Deep Learning and Random Forests Approach for Direct Left Ventricular Volumes Estimation in 3D Echocardiography
Suyu Dong, Gongning Luo, Guanxiong Sun, Kuanquan Wang and Henggui Zhang

10-3: Fetal, antenatal and neonatal Cardiovascular Control

Antenatal Fetal Heart Rate Acceleration Detection
Philip Warrick and Emily Hamilton
Relationship between Deceleration Areas in the Second Stage of Labor and Neonatal Acidemia
Angela Agostinelli, Flavio Palmieri, Alessandra Biagini, Agnese Sbrollini, Luca Burattini, Francesco Di Nardo, Sandro Fioretti and Laura Burattini
Regularity of Fetal HRV Changes in an In-vivo Sheep Model of Labor
Massimo W Rivolta, Md Aktaruzzaman, Tamara Stampalija, Daniela Casati, Martin G Frasch, Enrico Ferrazzi and Roberto Sassi
Effects of Postnatal Environmental Tobacco Smoke on Cardiorespiratory Control in Newborn Lambs
Sally Al Omar, Virginie Le Rolle, Nathalie Samson, Jean-Paul Praud and Guy Carrault

10-4: Monitoring

A Multicentric Study of Long-term Rhythm Patterns in Heart Rate
Rebeca Goya-Esteban, Ó Barquero-Pérez, J Alzueta, X Viñolas, N Basterra, E García, J Villacastín, I Fernández-Lozano, J Brugada, JB Martínez-Ferrer, JL Rojo Álvarez, F Zumalde, M Martín-Méndez, F Chavarría-Asso and A Garcia Alberola
Evaluation of the Accuracy and Noise Response of an Open-source Pulse Onset Detection Algorithm on Pulsatile Waveform Databases
Chengyu Liu, Qiao Li and Gari Clifford
Computational Efficiency and Accuracy for QRS Detection Algorithms on Clinical Long Term Multilead Monitoring
Francisco-Manuel Melgarejo-Meseguer, Estrella Everss-Villalba, Jan Široký, Francisco-Javier Gimeno-Blanes, Jose-Antonio Flores-Yepes, Manuel Blanco-Velasco, Jose Luis Rojo-Alvarez and Arcadi Garcia-Alberola
Assessing Effect of Beat Detector on Detection Dependent Signal Quality Indices
Chathuri Daluwatte, Lars Johannesen, Loriano Galeotti, Jose Vicente, David Strauss and Christopher Scully

11-1: Ventricular Arrhythmias

A Novel Method for Automated Fractionation Detection in Ventricular Tachycardia
Divyanshu Gupta, Damian Redfearn, Javad Hashemi and Selim Akl
Modulation of Effective Refractory Period at the Infarct Border-Zone Provides a Mechanism for Focal Arrhythmogenesis
Adam Connolly, Pawel Gawenda, Gernot Plank and Martin Bishop
Functional Effects of Island-distribution of Mid-cardiomyocytes on Re-entrant Excitation Waves in the KCNQ1-linked Short QT Syndrome
Cunjin Luo, Kuanquan Wang and Henggui Zhang
Computational Investigation of Pro-arrhythmogenesis of Heart Failure Induced Electrical Remodelling in Ventricles
Kun Jian, Chen Li, Gareth Jones and Henggui Zhang
Nonuniform Interpolation of Cardiac Navigation Maps Using Support Vector Machines
Beatriz Castro-García, Margarita Sanromán-Junquera, Alicia Guerrero-Curieses, Beatriz Trenor-Gomis, Arcadi García-Alberola and Jose Luis Rojo-Alvarez
Calcium Calmodulin Dependent Protein Kinase II (CaMKII) Contribute to Arrhythmias after Acidosis:A Simulation Study
Huanling Liu, Kuanquan Wang, Jieyun Bai, Suyu Dong and Henggui Zhang
A Quantitative Analysis on the Intracardiac Electrogram Contact During Ventricular Tachycardia Ablation
David Rivas-Lalaleo, Mónica Huerta, Margarita Sanromán-Junquera, Juan José Sánchez-Muñoz, Arcadi García-Alberola and Jose Luis Rojo-Alvarez
In Silico Investigation of Spontaneous Calcium Release on Premature Ventricular Contractions in Human Ventricles
Jieyun Bai, Kuanquan Wang, Gongning Luo and Henggui Zhang
Relationship between EtCO2 and Quality-Parameters during Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Jesús Ruiz Ojeda, Sofía Ruiz de Gauna, Digna M González-Otero, Mohamud Daya, James K Russell, José Julio Gutiérrez and Mikel Leturiondo
Combined Signal Averaging and Electrocardiographic Imaging Method to Non-Invasively Identify Atrial and Ventricular Tachycardia Mechanisms
Corentin Dallet, Josselin Duchateau, Mélèze Hocini, Laura Bear, Marianna Meo, Frédéric Sacher, Michel Haissaguerre and Remi Dubois

11-2: Atrial Fibrillation

An Automatic Framework for the Non-rigid Alignment of Electro-anatomical Maps and Pre-operative Anatomical Scans in Atrial Fibrillation.
Martino Alessandrini, Maddalena Valinoti, Roberto Mantovan, Antonio Pasini, Stefano Severi and Cristiana Corsi
Enabling Atrial Fibrillation Detection Using a Weight Scale
Brian Ayers, Connor Beshaw, Ernesto Serrano-Finetti, Oscar Casas, Ramon Pallas-Areny and Jean-Pilippe Couderc
Prediction of Atrial Fibrillation Termination by Catheter Ablation Using Adaptive Frequency Tracking of Atrial ECG Signals
Adrian Luca, Andrea Buttu, Jean-Marc Vesin, Patrizio Pascale, Laurent Roten, Christian Sticherling and Etienne Pruvot
ECG-Derived Markers to Identify Patients Prone to Atrial Fibrillation
Adrian Luca, Sasan Yazdani, Alain Viso, Jean-Marc Vesin, Giulio Conte and Angelo Auricchio
Latent Variable Analysis of Causal Interactions in Atrial Fibrillation Electrograms
David Luengo and Victor Elvira
Regional Conduction Velocity Calculation based on Local Activation Times: A Simulation Study on Clinical Geometries
Bhawna Verma, Axel Loewe, Armin Luik, Claus Schmitt and Olaf Doessel
Dominant Atrial Fibrillatory Frequency Estimation using an Extended Kalman Filter
Ebadollah Kheirati Roonizi and Roberto Sassi

11-3: Heartrate Variability

Nonlinear Dynamics of Heart Rate Variability after Superoxide Dismutase Inhibition in Rats
Stanislaw Zajaczkowski and Tomasz Wierzba
Physical Conditioning Status Stratification Based on Heart Rate Variability: Principal Component Analysis of Power Spectrum Density Function
Olivassé Nasario-Junior, Paulo Roberto Benchimol-Barbosa and Jurandir Nadal
Analysis of Heart Rate Variability Indices with Slowly Changing Heart Rate
Masaki Hoshiyama and Alan Murray
Looking for Changes in the Heart Rate of Patients with Neurocardiogenic Syncope
Fatima Maria Helena Simoes Pereira da Silva, Mariana Adami Leite, Julio Cesar Crescencio, Antonio Carlos Silva Filho and Lourenço Gallo Junior
Personalized Sedation Level Monitoring in ICU Patients Using Heart Rate Variability
SUNIL BELUR NAGARAJ, Siddharth Biswal, Valdery Moura Junior, Patrick Purdon and Brandon Westover

11-4: Cardiorespiratory Characterization and Analysis

Phase Difference between Respiration Signal and Respiratory Modulation Signal from Oscillometric Cuff Pressure Pulses during Blood Pressure Measurement
Diliang Chen, Fei Chen, Alan Murray and Dingchang Zheng
Cardio-Respiratory Characterization of the Autonomic Balance
Leila Mirmohamadsadeghi, Nicolas Bourdillon, Grégoire P. Millet and Jean-Marc Vesin
Sleep/Wake Classification Using Cardiorespiratory Features Extracted from Photoplethysmogram
Parastoo Dehkordi, Ainara Garde, Guy A. Dumont and J Mark Ansermino
Effect of Chest Compression Leaning on Accelerometry Waveforms
James Russell, Dana Zive and Mohamud Daya
Comparing ECG Derived Respiratory Signals and Chest Respiratory Signal for the Detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
Nadi Sadr and Philip de Chazal
Apnoea-Hypopnoea Index Estimation using Craniofacial Photographic Measurements
Hadis Nosrati, Nadi Sadr and Philip de Chazal

11-5: ECG

Irregular Heartbeats Detection Using Tensors and Support Vector Machines
Alexander Suarez, Griet Goovaerts, Carlos R. Vázquez Seisdedos and Sabine Van Huffel
Changes in Non-Invasive Wave Intensity Parameters with Variations of Savitzky-Golay Filter Settings
Nicola Pomella, Mark Rakobowchuk, Christina Kolyva and Ashraf W. Khir
Denoising and Automated R-peak Detection in the ECG Using Discrete Wavelet Transform
Jonathan Goodfellow, Omar Escalona, Vivek Kodoth, Ganesh Manoharan and Antonio Bosnjak
Prolonged QT Interval in Neurodevelopmental Rat Model of Schizophrenia
Tibor Stracina, Marina Ronzhina, Tibor Stark, Jana Ruda, Eva Olsanska, Petr Vesely, Vincenzo Micale and Marie Novakova
Electrocardiographic Measurements of the QT Interval During Embryonic Development in Fertilized Chicken Eggs
Tanveer A. Bhuiyan, Cristian Sevcencu, Johannes J. Struijk, Jørgen K. Kanters and Claus Graff
Novel Biomarker for Evaluating Ischemic Stress Using an Electrogram Derived Phase Space
Wilson Good, Burak Erem, Jaume Coll-Font, Dana Brooks and Rob MacLeod
Effect of Sample Rate on saECG Spectrum
Jacob Melgaard, Claus Graff, Peter Sørensen, Kasper Sørensen, Samuel Emil Schmidt and Johannes Struijk
Applying Quality Index Criterion for Flexible Multi-Detection of Heartbeat Using Features of Multimodal Data
Mohammad Javad Mollakazemi, Farhad Asadi, Shadi Ghiasi and S. Hossein Sadati
Comparison of Intensity-based B-splines and Point-to-Pixel Tracking Techniques for Motion Reduction in Optical Mapping
Jaime Yagüe-Mayans, Antonio Guill, Manolo Zarzoso, Antonio Cebrián, Francisco J Chorro, Jose Millet and Conrado J. Calvo

11-6: Cellular and Tissue Models

In Silico Assessment of Antiarrhythmic Effects of Drug Ranolazine on Electrical Activity in Human Ventricular Myocardium
Mitra Abbasi and Sebastian Polak
A New Defibrillation Mechanism: Termination of Reentrant Waves by Propagating Action Potentials Induced by Nearby Heterogeneities
Shuyue Han, Niels Otani, Valentin Krinski and Stefan Luther
Virtual Reality Visualization of Arrhythmias on a Smartphone
Joachim Greiner, Tobias Oesterlein, Gustavo Lenis and Olaf Doessel
Effect of Multi-Electrode Configurations on Accuracy of Rotor Detection in the Atria
Laura Martínez, Lucia Romero, Ana Ferrer, Jose Jalife, Omer Berenfeld and Javier Saiz
Hierarchical Bayesian Modelling of Variability and Uncertainty in Synthetic Action Potential Traces
Ross Johnstone, Rémi Bardenet, David Gavaghan, Liudmila Polonchuk, Mark Davies and Gary Mirams
Combination of Quantitative Changes in Ionic Components to Enhance the Contractile Force during T-tubule Development
Maiko Wakita, Hitomi Sano, Yasuhiro Naito and Masaru Tomita
Computational Modelling of Cardiac Electrophysiological Changes in Malarial Fever.
Laura Atkinson, Aneesha Basharat, Alan Benson, Michael Colman, Arun Holden, George Kagugube and Eleftheria Pervolaraki
Two Aspects of Cardiac Alternans – Difference and Correlation Between Them
Wei Wang, Dominic G Whittaker, Haibo Ni, Kuanquan Wang and Henggui Zhang
Comparison of Ion Channel Gene Expression in the Sinus Node of the Human, Rabbit, Rat and Mouse
Jue Li, Halina Dobrzynski, Ming Lei and Mark Boyett
Computer Model for Determining the Localized Changes in Ventricle Wall Thickness as a Function of Changing Wall Stress as Determined by Laplace’s Law
Richard Summers

11-7: ECG Miscellaneous

Design and Implementation of a 2.45 GHz RF Sensor for Non-contacting Monitoring Vital Signs
Hongrui Bo, Qiang Fu, Lisheng Xu, Yuanzhu Dou and Fleming Lure
Computational Model for Prediction the Occurrence of Steam Pops during Irrigated Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation
Ana González-Suárez, Enrique Berjano, Jose M. Guerra and Luca Gerardo-Giorda
Monitoring the Heart Rate in Cerebral Oximetry Signals
Iraia Isasi, Unai Irusta, Elisabete Aramendi, Goiuri Peralta and Erik Alonso

11-8: Physionet Challenge II

Classification of Normal and Abnormal Heart Sound Recordings through Robust Feature Selection
Chetanya Puri, Arijit Ukil, Soma Bandyoapdhyay, Rituraj Singh, Arpan Pal, Ayan Mukherjee and Debayan Mukherjee
PCG Classification Using a Neural Network Approach
Iga Grzegorczyk, Mateusz Solinski, Michal Lepek, Anna Perka, Jacek Rosinski, Joanna Rymko, Katarzyna Stepien and Jan Gieraltowski
Morphological Determination of Pathological PCG signals by Time and Frequency Domain Analysis
Márton Áron Goda and Péter Hajas
A Novel Approach for Robust Detection of Heart Beats in Multimodal Data using Neural Networks and Boosted Trees
Sachin Vernekar, Deepu Vijayasenan and Rohit Ranjan
A Novel Approach for Classification of Normal/Abnormal Phonocardiogram Recordings using Temporal Signal Analysis and Machine Learning
Sachin Vernekar, saurabh nair, Deepu Vijayasenan and Rohit Ranjan
Using Time-Frequency Features to Recognize Abnormal Heart Sounds
Hsuan-Lin Her and Hung-Wen Chiu
Improving Classification Accuracy of Heart Sound Recordings by Wavelet Filter and Multiple Features
Xinpei Wang and Yuanyang Li
Classification of Heart Sound Recordings Using Convolution Neural Network
Heechang Ryu, Jinkyoo Park and Hayong Shin
Identification of Abnormal Heart Sounds
Sasan Yazdani, Silas Schlatter, Seyyed Abbas Atyabi and Jean-Marc Vesin
Analysis of the Clinical Utility of Algorithms in the 2009 PhysioNet/Computing in Cardiology Challenge for the Prediction of Acute Hypotensive Episodes
Grace Mirsky and Maria de la Salud Guillem Sánchez
A Multi-Modal Classifier for Heart Sound Recordings
Xulei Yang, Feng Yang, Like Gobeawan, Si Yong Yeo, Shuang Leng, Liang Zhong and Yi Su
Power Spectrum Analysis for Classification of Heart Sound Recording
Soo Kng Teo, Bo Yang, Ling Feng and Yi Su
Characteristics of Phonocardiography Waveforms that Influence Automatic Feature Recognition
Scott Stainton, Matthew Dyson, Charalampos Tsimenidis and Alan Murray
Abnormal Heart Sounds detection based on the Scaled Time-Frequency Representation and Feature Selection
Wenjie Zhang, Shiwen Deng and Jiqing Han

12: Plenary

Using Machine Learning to Predict if a Profiled Lay Rescuer can Successfully Deliver a Shock using a Public Access Automated External Defibrillator?
Raymond Bond, Peter O’Hare, Hannah Torney, Laura Davis, Bruno Delafont, Hannah McReynolds, Anna McLister, Ben McCartney, Rebecca Di Maio, Dewar Finlay, Daniel Guldenring, James McLaughlin and David McEneaney
Spatiotemporal Activation Time Estimation Improves Noninvasive Localization of Cardiac Electrical Activity
Matthijs Cluitmans, Jaume Coll-Font, Burak Erem, Dana Brooks, Pietro Bonizzi, Joël Karel, Paul Volders, Ralf Peeters and Ronald Westra
A Population of In Silico Models to Face the Variability of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived Cardiomyocytes: the hERG Block Case Study
Michelangelo Paci, Elisa Passini, Stefano Severi, Jari Hyttinen and Blanca Rodriguez